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OPEN: Summer Tops KAL

Let's get into the summer spirit. (or winter in the southern hemisphere.. you'll have them ready for next summer though!)

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A few days ago on instagram I had a great discussion with so many of you. It was spurred on by the feeling that the knitsagram has turned slow fashion into fast fashion with the frequency of new knitwear designs coming out. The lovely @knitatude brought the discussion to the forefront, but it's something I've been pondering for a while. As a designer I feel I am contributing to the overwhelming number of new patters, but at the same time I feel a pressure to get my patterns out as quickly as possible so that my ideas don't get "scooped" by another designer, or the fear that if I post an in progress picture someone faster than me will turn my idea into a pattern in a matter of weeks.

Anyway, you were all so lovely and many of you agreed that there are just SO MANY patterns coming out and you can never knit them all. Following on from this we also chatted about test knitting and how these days you can basically just be test knitting all the time and not have time to knit anything 'old'.

So to cut a long story short (well sort of short, sorry!), in celebration of my "old" patterns from last year, the days getting warmer, and the lovely community spirit of the knitsagram, I am hosting a Knit Along (KAL)!!! WOOOOOO!!!!

I was a bit unsure about it, but all your lovely supportive comments made me go for it!

So you made it this far, I think that means you want to join?!

The details

The KAL will run until Sunday 5th June (which if you're in the UK is the double bank holiday weekend woooo!), and what I have decided is the start of summer.

The idea is to create a little community where we can share our knits, make some new fibre friends, have an excuse to buy more yarn, or use up some stash yarns.

Near the end of the KAL I'll be sending out a completion form, entering details of your finished piece(s) will bag you a single use 25% discount code for my patterns - so you can buy one or my entire back catalogue, up to you!

There may also be some prizes.. stay tuned!

Find my patterns here, or on Ravelry.

Use the hashtag #hirismakessummertopsKAL (what a mouthful)

Patterns included:

Eyelet Bralette

Helix Crop Top

Strawberry Top

Strawberry Top Light

Coffee Shop Top

Seashell Top

Lotus Petal Top

& for a completely free way to join (which still qualifies you for the discount should you complete your knit on time, and entry to the giveaway):

Stash Busting Tube Top, Free here.

Sign up for the KAL here!