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Free Stash Busting Tube Top Pattern

To celebrate my 30th Birthday I'm bringing you a present, a free pattern!! ... and even better it's designed to help you clear out your yarn stash.

Keep scrolling down for the free pattern, or if you'd like a nicely formatted pdf version (at least I think the format is nice, feedback always welcome) that you can download and keep forever head to my online shop and get a copy for just £2 (and yes you can use discount codes on that too!)

The Pattern (for free!):

The clue is in the name for this one, it’s a real stash buster! Designed to be super simple and super quick. Worked on 5.5mm needles it’s perfect for holding two strands of 4ply together to help you use up all those annoying ends of skeins, of course you can use any other yarn combinations that meeting the gauge. A DK with mohair or a single strand of Aran weight should do the job too. Go wild with this one, marl colours together, and contrasting straps, fade, whatever you like.


A (B, C, D, E) (F, G, H)

To fit bust sizes:

26-30” (31-35”, 35-39”, 40-44”, 45-49”) (50-54”, 55-60”, 60-64”)

64-76cm (78-88cm, 90-100cm, 102-114cm, 116-126cm) (128-138cm, 140-152cm, 154-164cm)


Two strands of 4ply weight or a single strand of a aran weight, sample knitted in Hobbii Unicorn Solid in ‘green tea’ & ‘grey’ (400m / 100g)

*This yarn was kindly gifted to me be Hobbii Yarns, you can find a link to it here.

Get creative and use as many of your sock weight scraps as you can!

The given yardage the total for both strands held together:

70g (80g, 90g, 100g, 120g) (130g, 140g, 150g)

280m (320m, 370m, 420m, 470m) (520m, 570m, 620m)

300y (350y, 400y, 450y, 500y) (570y, 620y, 670y)

Consider that extra yardage will be required if the body length is increased.

Note that in general this stretch design works better in yarns that have some stretch, cotton may be more challenging, and you may need to play with the fit a little to get it perfect for you.


5 & 5.5mm circular needles and/or DPNs

Needle sizes are recommended, choose a size needed to achieve gauge, the smaller needle should be 0.5mm smaller than the larger needle


Unstretched: 18 stiches per 4” / 10cm on larger needles in stockinette

Stretched: 14 stiches per 4” / 10cm on larger needles in stockinette

Row gauge is not important

‘Stretched’ is not as stretched as possible but rather to a degree of stretching that you would approximately like in the final piece.

Choosing your size and fit:

The stated measurements are for a range of bust sizes that will fit in each size. Note that if you are at the lower range of the size the fit will be looser than at the highest end of the range. Use the sizing chart on page 4 for more information.

The pattern is designed for a cropped length, if you wish to make the body longer, continue working the main body before casting off the back.

Trying on the garment as you go will help you to get a perfect fit, the stated length measurements are just a guideline. Also remember that it will shrink in length when you stretch it out, so the length of your knitted piece will not be the length when you are wearing it.

Stash Busting Tube Top

Sizes will be written in the following order throughout the pattern:

A (B, C, D, E) (F, G, H)


With smaller needles loosely or with a stretchy cast on technique, CO 100 (116, 132, 152, 168) (184, 204, 220) stitches and join to work in the round, place a BOR marker.

k2 p2 ribbing for 1.5” / 4cm

Change to larger needles.