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Afternoon Tea Sweater

The Afternoon Tea Sweater is a celebration of colour and texture, combining simple colour work and lace to create a rich look and feel. Worked in 4ply yarn this sweater is lightweight and a perfect accompaniment to your spring and autumn wardrobe. The construction is a simple top down yoke knit in the round giving you total freedom over the final look and fit. Choose between either a casual cropped length and ¾ sleeve or full length sleeve and body.


Bust Sizes:

32” (34”, 36”, 38”, 40”) (42”, 44”, 46”, 48”) (52”, 56”, 60”, 64”)

82cm (86cm, 92cm, 96cm, 100cm) (106cm, 112cm, 116cm, 122cm) (123cm, 142cm, 152cm, 162cm)


4ply weight, sample knitted in Hook & Light Naturally Dyed Falkland Merino 4ply (400m / 100g)

MC (cropped body with ¾ sleeve):
130g (140g, 145g, 150g, 140g) (170g,180g, 190g, 200g) (210g, 220g, 240g, 250g)
520m (560m, 580m, 600m, 640m) (680m, 720m, 760m, 800m) (840m, 880m, 960m, 1000m)
569y (612y, 634y, 656y, 700y) (744y, 787y, 831y, 875y) (919y, 963y, 1050y, 1094y)

C1 (lace and colour work):
40g (40g, 45g, 45g, 45g) (50g, 50g, 55g, 60g) (60g, 65g, 70g, 70g)
160m (160m, 180m, 180m, 180m) (200m, 200m, 220m, 240m) (240m, 260m, 280m, 280m)
175y (175y, 197y, 197y, 197y) (219y, 219y, 241y, 262y) (262y, 284y, 306y, 306y)

C2 (contrast bands):
15g (15g, 15g, 20g, 20g) (20g, 25g, 25g, 25g) (25g, 30g, 30g, 30g)
60m (60m, 60m, 80m, 80m) (80m, 100m, 100m, 100m) (100m, 120m, 120m, 120m)
66y (66y, 66y, 87y, 87y) (87y, 109y, 109y, 109y) (109y, 131y, 131y, 131y)

MC (long body and sleeves):
180g (190g, 200g, 220g, 230g) (240g, 250g, 260g, 270g) (300g, 320g, 340g, 360g)
720m (760m, 800m, 880m, 920m) (960m, 1000m, 1040m, 1080m) (1200m, 1280m, 1360m, 1440m)
78y (831y, 875y, 962y, 1006y) (1050y, 1094y, 1137y, 1181y) (1312y, 1400y, 1487y, 1575y)


3mm & 3.5mm circular needles and/or DPNs

Needle sizes are recommended, choose a size needed to achieve gauge, the smaller needle should be 0.5 mm smaller than the larger needle


24 stiches & 32 rows per 4” / 10cm on larger needles in stockinette after blocking

Afternoon Tea Sweater
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